Today the talking heads are trying to convince us that we would be better off with a parliamentary system of government.  They argue that with our government it is to hard to get things done. This is because our government’s balance of powers keeps any one branch of government from taking charge.  They say it takes to long to reach compromise between the three branches and between the two houses of congress. What they fail to bring up is that this is a strength of our system as it makes it harder for tyranny to take hold.

Our founding fathers knew that liberty will always be challenged by the forces of tyranny.  They also knew that many people can become convinced that a loss of liberty is a good thing. That even the majority of the people can be fooled for a short time.  This is why a government of free people needs to be as limited as possible. Our founders put many restrictions on the government to help preserve freedom.

The fact that those that oppose liberty, those that believe the masses are not bright enough to govern themselves, are so frustrated with the slowness of our system of government is a testimony of the wisdom of our founders.

We need more ways to frustrate the would be tyrants not fewer.

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  • Shirley says:

    Did you see that after the inauguration, the president started to walk away, and then turned back, saying he wanted one more look, because he would never see it again? Frankly, I doubted his sincerity when he said that. I would not be at all surprised to see him push for the removal of term limits on the office.

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