The Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents in the history of mankind. Even so it was the product of political compromise as well as genius. Because of the compromises it has some flaws, in some ways it does not live up to the ideals of our founders as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Still it has served us well for over two centuries.

The events of recent decades have demonstrated that it is past time that those flaws were repaired. On this web site I present the changes that overcome those shortcomings. This new constitution should provide all with increased liberty and equal rights for another 200 years.

With the various tabs on this web site one can view the original Constitution as amended, the new Constitution, and the differences between them. All words removed from the original have strikes through the center and new words are in color. Some words in color are not changed but their location has changed so there may be subtle differences in meaning. There is also a tab for the Declaration of Independence, a portion of which has been added to the preamble of the new Constitution.