The Constitution of the United States – changes

I began this project a few years ago when I decided to read the Constitution and become more familiar with it. What I discovered was that it was not an easy read in part because of all the changes caused by the amendments. My first changes were to incorporate the amendments into the body of the constitution. In the process of doing this I found that I was spending some time correcting the capitalization to reflect current practices. Eventually I took the time to change all the capitalization as the old style also reduced the readability of the constitution.

I noticed that certain politicians would make frequent reference to words in the original constitution about Negroes and Indians being proof that the country was flawed even though some of the amendments removed much of that language as the country grew over time. This led me to be sure that all such references were removed.

As the project progressed I decided that my changes should include making the meaning more explicit to make it harder for those opposed to liberty to pretend that what they want to do is allowed by the constitution.

After growing tired of hearing that the Declaration of Independence is not part of the Constitution and that the rights mentioned therein are not rights guaranteed to be protected, I decided to begin the preamble with “We hold these truths to be self evident …”.

more to come…